Robo Soccer

Problem Statement

With the increasing terrorist attacks and alarming situation to save our soldiers something that can save lives using costly machines instead to priceless human lives would be a better option.

"A bot that helps in keeping the ball in its court would be much better i.e. a bot that is wireless and on the instructions can destroy the places or bunkers of terrorists by planting the destroying material wherever required."


The event is based on construction of a bot (wired/wireless) that would work as a football player and put the ball to the goal defecting the opponent with minimum number of hits to the other bot and arena and least use of weapons that cause damage to others.

Its industrial application is still limited but can be used as a robo to replace humans for planting bombs, etc. at a dangerous area in military applications also they are mainly used to promote robotics in the country and further make robots smart enough to work in different areas.

Robo-soccer is a specialized robotics event where bots (moving on wheels with electric supply) are used to play soccer. This event is inspired by FIFA. Robo-soccer must have a U- shaped or a V-shaped panel/ projection with the sole purpose of pushing or dragging the ball to score and defend goals.


  • Security would be increased if used in military applications.
  • Promote the basic idea of robotics that can further lead to huge developments.
  • It can also reduce the risk of losing lives by soldiers in case if implemented correctly and accurately.

Bot Specifications

  • Robo can be wired or wireles.
  • Your robo must fit within a size no more than 300mm×300mm×300mm(L×B×H).
  • The Max. Weight limit of robot including all the accessories and equipment(Batteries) is 5kgs.
  • In case of wireless robot weight of power source must be included.
  • Bring your own AC to DC converter as college will provide 220Volt AC supply only.
  • Maximum DC source voltage allowed for event should not more then 12V.
  • The Robo's are not allowed to use any movable parts such as grippers or actuations indeed harm the opponents robo soccer.

Game Rules

  • The game will be played in 1 vs 1 format.
  • Each team will have to defend and score goals.
  • Teams will be given 2-minutes preparation time before the game starts.
  • Maximum 4 members are allowed in a team.
  • The game will consist of three rounds of 3 minutes each.
  • Only one member will be allowed to control the robo.
  • Team should NOT exert any mechanical force by the controlling cord or in any other way.
  • The game will start with the ball (soccer) in the centre of the arena and both the robots in their respective goal posts.
  • Halt Time: Between any round if the two robots are struck together, the coordinator will stop the game and move apart the bots and then the game will resume.
  • Draw: If both teams score equal points then two more rounds will be played and the winner will be decided with the lesser number of penalties.
  • Breakdown: If any robo stopped moving for more than 10 seconds the round will be stopped and the team will be given 2 minutes to remedy the problem. If still robo is unable to move, the team will have to forfeit the match and the other team will win.
  • In any case the time recorded by the coordinators will be final.
  • In case of wired remote control, one of the team members have to hold the wires cord to avoid the wires to struck between the bots.
  • In case of chaos between the two teams during the match, the decision taken by the coordinator will be finalized.


  • Each team will get 3 points on scoring a goal.
  • A goal will be counted when a team drags or pushes the ball(soccer) in opposite team’s goal post.
  • Each penalty will reduce your score by 1 point.
  • Penalties will be counted after 3 warnings given by the coordinators.
  • Robots are allowed to defend the goal by blocking the way of their opponent.
  • Teams are not allowed to remain in the D area during the match i.e. teams are required to defend and score goals all at same time.


  • Attacking the opponent’s robo intentionally.
  • On touching the robo during the match.
  • Moving or dragging your robo by using any means of mechanical force (or moving with wire cord).
  • Using your wire cord to entangle the opposite robo-soccer.
  • Moving your robo before the coordinator signals to start the game.
  • Staying only in the D area.
  • Damaging the arena by your robo will also be counted as a penalty.
  • Any type of misbehaviour and misconduct will lead to disqualification.

Event Co-ordinator

Shubham Gupta

Contact no. : 86504 82485 Email id : (For Further details contact) Shubh Maheshwari (8445766740)