Problem Statement

It's a well acknowledged fact that for an army mobility and reach within a challenging terrain like the Himalayas is super essential to gain an upper hand over their enemies.

"In order to accomplish that goal a preliminary requirement is a fast moving vehicle which can transport troops and goods over challenging terrains within a flash."


You have to construct a bot (wired/wireless) whose task is to complete a race course with multiple obstacles within the least time possible without using any sort of mechanical engine or preinstalled market kits / lego parts.

The event will be executed in three rounds with increased difficulty level with the commencement of each round.

The bot has multiple industrial applications and can be used in most of the industries after implementing minor modifications. The bot can be utilised to transport general goods in geographically isolated arena Bot can also work to shift heavy goods within an industry. With minor modifications bot can be also be used for surveillance and law enforcement by the army and police.


  • Solve Transportation Problem:
  • The event would help building engineers understand the future needs of transportation which would encourage them to find new ideas and solutions towards the problem. The bot making will also promote interest in robotics and electronics among students.


  • Round-1: Elimination round (Time based)

  • In this round, which team robot will complete the track earlier will be eliminate for second round.

  • Round-2: Qualifier round(Minimum no. Of human intervention and time based)

  • In this round which team will have less intervention in robo and less time will be selected for final round.

  • Round-3: Final round(Completion or time based round)

  • This round will be little bit suspense round, track will be shown on the spot to the team members.

Bot Specifications

  • Robot Can Be Wired or Wireless.
  • The maximum dimension of the robot can be 250mm x 250mm x150mm (l x b x h).
  • Maximum weight must not exceed 3 kg.
  • Your bot should always remain inside the track. If your vehicle leaves the track, at any point of time it gets penalized.
  • The length of the wire (for wired bots) should be long enough to cover the whole track and wire should remain slack during the complete run.
  • The participants will be provided with 220 Volts, 50Hz standard AC supply. Participants will have to arrange for adaptor or batteries themselves.
  • The machine must not be made from Lego parts, or any ready-made kit, if we find such machine it will be disqualified.
  • The machine must be powered electrically only. Use of IC engine is not allowed.
  • The electric voltage anywhere in the machine should not be more then 12V DC at any point of time.

General Rules

  • No human intervention is allowed in between the race.
  • Robot should be as per the given specifications.
  • Each team can have maximum four members. Students from different institutes can form a team.
  • Each member of the team must contain the identity card of his/her respected institute.
  • The robot should not damage the arena.
  • No test practice will be allowed on the arena.
  • Bad behavior could lead to disqualification. Faculty co-ordinators have all the rights to take final decision for any matter during the event.
  • This is racing event so fastest and most balanced robot will win.
  • Judge's decision will be considered final.

Event Rules

  • The competition is based on time trail system. There will a qualifying round for each team.
  • The top team from qualifying round makes it to the final round on basis of time trials.
  • The track will contain certain number of check-points and if the bot goes out of the track then it has to start with the previous check-point.
  • There will be certain number of hurdles and obstacles. Each obstacle and hurdle will be assigned some specific points and have to be completed in a stipulated time limit.
  • Point description will be disclosed on the spot before commencement of event.
  • This will be a two round of competition and entry to the final round will be solely based on total cumulative points of previous round.
  • Wires should remain slack during the course of the run. Pulling the wire to aid the robot in traversing may lead to penalized.
  • If any of the robots starts off before start up call, the counter would be restarted and the machines will get a second chance. If repeated again then team will be disqualified.
  • Your robot must be ready when call is made for your team.
  • Team members will be allowed only three times to touch or reset their robots position during the run. However, this will lead to a time penalty and timer will not stop during this course of action.
  • The robot will be judged on basis of (in priority):-
    a. Time to complete the track.
    b. Number of checkpoints cleared.
  • Machine must not contain any readymade kits, pneumatic & hydraulic systems, IC engines.
  • Decision about your robot will be taken by the organizers.
  • No team will get a second chance after completing the track with poor score.

Event Co-ordinator


Contact: 7985486872 Email id : (For Further details contact) Nipun Aggarwal (9639153242)