It is an Idea Presentation competition that tests the caliber of students to create innovative solutions through simple ideas and technologies. This is a Two-Day competition with three qualifier rounds.

Students can participate either individually or in a team of 2-3 students.

Competition Day 1

  • First round is an elimination round where participants will have to clear a Quiz consisting of Objective questions on General Aptitude, Reasoning and Technology. Time is 30 minutes.

  • Each team has to pick 5 clues from a Clue box. Every clue is a hint for a technology, component or a concept which is mandatory to be used in the Idea. Based on the clues drawn, each team has to create an Innovation Idea.
    Time for preparation- 15 minutes
    Then, each team will have to present its idea covering the following mandatory details:
    1. Title of the Idea
    2. Purpose
    3. Technology used (Hardware and Software)
    4. Benefits

    Time for Presentation- 5-7 minutes
    The best Ideas will qualify for the final round.

Competition Day 2

  • A detailed presentation to be judged by the distinguished Industry Experts Panel of the Idea shared on Day 1.
    Time for Paper Presentation is 15-20 minutes and for Questions and Answers (Q&A) is 5-7 minutes.
    Participants can make use of PPTs for presentation where it is compulsory for each team member to speak for sometime.

    Judging Criteria:

    1. Authenticity or Orginality of Idea
    2. Technology
    3. PPT
    4. Presentation Skills
    5. Feasibility of the Idea when translated into a real usable product.
    6. Answers given by the participants in the Q&A section.


    Top 3 teams will be awarded.

  • Cash Prizes and Goodies worth Rs. 10,000/-
  • Internship opportunity with a budding technology firm
  • Chance to appear for Job Interview with one of Reviving Indias' Industry partners.

Event Co-ordinator

Sanskriti Tyagi

Contact No. : 9536655731 Email id : (For Further details contact) Achint Raj Anand (9536688404)