IOT Hackathon

Sub Themes

Logistics :

"The effect of IoT on logistics and supply chain management has been huge; industries such as agriculture and healthcare have recently benefited. In terms of military application, the connected sensors and digital analytics that IoT technology offers can be used to track supplies and equipment from their source to where they are needed on the battlefield."

Smart Bases :

"Incorporating IoT devices and sensors into military bases can have several positive effects. Automated security screening, for example, increases safety while decreasing manpower, and a network of security cameras connected to their environment via sensors and to a central network via the Internet will also minimize security risks. Smart management of resources – electricity and water for example – will increase the capacity and output of military bases while ensuring that the wellbeing of all individuals inside the base is protected."

Data Warfare :

"By collecting data from a wide range of military platforms – including aircraft, weapon systems, ground vehicles, and troops themselves – the military can increase the effectiveness of their intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems. This wealth of information will allow the armed forces to identify key threats faster and with more accuracy."

Monitor Soldier’s Health :

"Best healthcare facilities are offered in the military forces, but administering soldier’s health status when they are fighting on the battlefield is really tricky. To let the soldiers know about any changes in their health and inform the safety measures to be taken is possible with IoT. A wide range of sensors attached to soldiers clothes or wearables would sense the data and alert them about any changes in a medical condition."

Open Innovation :

"Any idea which tackles a problem under the umbrella of army theme is welcome.The above mentioned sub themes are just suggestions."

Link :- Idea Proposal Format


The multiple, overlapping technology layers involved in building a smarter and connected world make it necessary to bring together diverse sets of thinkers, makers, and coders from different fields.

We are organizing an IoT hackathon to allow you to push the boundaries of creativity, innovation, reality, and tech to build solutions and concepts that have the potential to make a difference in people’s lives.

We are inviting teams of makers, developers, and technologists to collaborate and explore the next-gen technologies of Defence and experience an environment that encourages you to innovate and build. This is a team Event so form teams and explore the possibilities.


  • Awareness about Internet of Things
  • The event will help spread awareness about what a groundbreaking technology internet of things is and how it will change our lives.

  • Platform for Innovation
  • The event will provide a platform for students to use their minds to develop IOT based solutions for problems that are being faced by the defence forces today.

  • Tackling Real World Problems
  • The themes and problems tackled in the event are problems the defence forces face on a daily basis. Therefore the event will not only help in raising awareness about these problems but also building solutions around it.


  • This is a team participation hackathon and you can have at most 4 members in your team.
  • This is an onsite Hackathon, that will be organised at Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology.
  • The theme of the event is Defence(Army) and all the ideas or hacks must be developed around it.
  • You are expected to come up with new and innovative ideas, any ideas that have been copied from somewhere else will be disqualified.
  • Each team will have to make a prototype based on their idea. You can do some prep work for the prototype before hand but majority of it must be developed during the event.
  • The submission must make a clear distinction between work done before the hackathon and the work done during the hackathon.
  • You may use open source libraries and other freely available systems / services such as Google Maps, Facebook Connect, Twitter feeds etc.
  • The intellectual property of your code belongs only to your team.
  • Every participant has to submit a short presentation describing their idea and detailing the technologies it uses while registering for the event.
  • Submitting the idea proposal presentation is mandatory to participate in the event.
  • Teams will be shortlisted based on their idea proposal and only those teams will be able to take part in the event conducted on site.
  • Selected will be notified by email.
  • Shortlisted participants have to carry their own laptops, softwares and hardware required for their prototype.

Event Co-ordinator

Pratyush Garg

Contact no. : 9411601213 Email id : (For Further details contact) Arun Pundir (8384827022)