Robochamps 2K19
The biggest Techfest of India

29th- 31st August, 2019

One passport size photo and ID Card is mandatory for entry. Your ID Card will be submitted at the registration desk and will be returned at the time you leave the campus.

About Us

MIET group of Institutions announces National Level Robotics Competition 'ROBOCHAMPS 2K19' that seeks to increase student interest and involvement in science, technology and engineering through sustainable and affordable robotics programs.

Our aim is to create an event to encourage individuals with different skill to form co-operative teams to design, fabricate and operate a robot.


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Our Vision

To be an outstanding institution in the country imparting technical education, providing need-based, value-based and career-based programmes and producing self-reliant, self-sufficient technocrats capable of meeting new challenges.

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Our Gallery

Our Events

Robowar and Mini Robowar

Design a manually controlled ROBOT wired or wireless within a specified dimension mentioned as below. The robot that will demolish the other robot in minimum time or minimum parts damaged of the robot will be the winner..Read More

Game of Drones

The event requires participants to design and build a remote controlled flying machine to complete the tasks of the competition with the highest points possible & in minimum time. The path will be designed as per difficulty of the level..Read More


Design and make a wired or wireless controlled bot, which has to navigate through land and water obstacles, in the shortest time possible. The bot can be powered either by batteries or power supply..Read More

Coding Arena

Coding Arena is a coding contest organized by Robochamps .The contest contains programming questions of various difficulty level and concepts to enhance the skills of students..Read More


The event is based on examining the theoretical knowledge of the candidates and applying it to debug a circuit. The candidate has to qualify various rounds in order to prove his/her theoretical knowledge and apply it in order to rectify a circuit...Read More

IOT Based Hackathon

IoT hackathon to allow you to push the boundaries of creativity, innovation, reality, and tech to build solutions and concepts that have the potential to make a difference in people’s lives.. Read More


It is an Idea Presentation competition that tests the caliber of students to create innovative solutions through simple ideas and technologies. This is a Two-Day competition with three qualifier rounds..Read More


Ricochet is an event conducted to give a tribute to the Indian army, where participation will get the complete feel of a battlefield while shooting enemies, protecting their partners and digging defensive weapons..Read More


Roborace will be a competition with autonomously driving, electrically powered vehicles. The bots roll onto the racetrack and take up their positions at the start. The bot which covers the arena in minimum time is going to be the winner..Read More

Robo Soccer

Robo-soccer is a specialized robotics event where bots (moving on wheels with electric supply) are used to play soccer..Read More

Robo Transpo

A bot will be graded according to the way of transportating the food, weapons etc to the soilders in the war conditioned arena in minimum time. The bot should be able to tackle all the possible huddles in a war prone area...Read More

Silk Route

Silk routes has a Line follower robot which is a mobile machine that can detect the lines drawn with black or white surface with high contrasting color or it can be invisible like a magnetic field.So, these kind of robots should sense the line with Infrared (IR) Sensors that are installed under the robot..Read More

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Management Head Contact no. : 9536237941 Email id :


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Sanskriti Tyagi

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