Game of Drones

Problem Statement

The use of drones has not been a secret within the military, even arming them with missiles to attack enemy soldiers and terrorists.

"Design a drone can be used to protect the lives of the military men and women when armed with live video remote communications to ground troops, essential gear, or weapons for enemy tracking and force protection."


The event requires participants to design and build a remote controlled flying machine to complete the tasks of the competition with the highest points possible & in minimum time. The path will be designed as per difficulty of the level.

The Private sector is currently working on drones that could possibly be less costly alternatives as in delivering packages to customers, flying over real estate property,or of surveying a construction site.


  • The event promotes the field of Robotics more specifically towards the airborne aspect of it.
  • It encourages the development of such systems and working towards expansion of drones in new areas of both security and business.
  • Also to optimise the currently employed systems for a wider application and reduced costs for the same.


  • A team can take part with only one drone, i.e., no other team can take part with same drone.
  • No test practice will be allowed in the main competition arena.
  • Any readymade or purchased drones will not be accepted in the contest. Participants with their self-made drones will only be allowed.
  • The retrace of arena/stage is entertained with some negative points, if the problem cannot be troubleshooted or in case of any accident.
  • Participants will not be allowed to be a part of more than one team in the same event.
  • Propeller guards are not allowed.
  • Any damage to the arena will not be acceptable.
  • Any damage to the drone (in case) is the responsibility of participants only.
  • The coordinators reserve right to change any or all above the rules as they deem fit.
  • Participants should not have any objection on the decisions regarding the results.
  • Each member of the team must have identity card of his/her respective institute.

Drone Specifications

  • Every type of drones are allowed except readymade ones.
  • Drone must be able to pull up 800 gram weight (max).
  • The diagonal size (excluding propellers) of the drone should not be more than 500mm.
  • The battery used in drone should not exceed the limit of 12 volts.
  • Arena will be having hurdles, weight lifting using drone and many more.

Event Co-ordinator


E mail: (For Further details contact) Shubham Tyagi (7251987227)