Problem Statement

Given a scenario where N Soldiers are lined up for a memory test containing M rounds. They are numbered from 0 to N-1 from left to right.In each round, Captain selects one position. Soldier at that position will be numbered 0. All the soldiers to the right of selected position will be numbered one greater than the soldier to his left. All the soldiers to the left of selected position will be numbered one greater than the soldier to his right.

eg. if N = 6 and selected position is 3, then the numbering will be [3, 2, 1, 0, 1, 2].After M rounds, Captain asked each soldier to shout out the greatest number he was assigned during the M rounds.

"You need to produce the correct values for each soldier for the Captain.(The correct value each soldier should shout out)."


Coding Arena is a coding contest organized by Robochamps .The contest contains programming questions of various difficulty level and concepts to enhance the skills of students .The contest also provide the students exciting opportunities to boost up their career in IT field .Individual or a team comprising of two can participate in the contest .


  • Enhancement of skills.
  • Career opportunities.

Rules and Regulations

  • All candidates are required to register themselves on Hackerrank.
  • This is a team event and each team is allowed to have 1-2 members.
  • All the participants are required to carry their ID-Cards .
  • Keep your Hackerrank credentials handy as they will be required for participation in the event.
  • All the candidates are required to reach the venue an hour before to get themselves seated and for the registration process.
  • Languages supported are C,C++,Java,Python,Perl.
  • Any form of plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  • No late entries will be considered.
  • Faculty coordinators and Head coordinator have all the rights to take final decision for any matter during the event, and also reserve the rights to add/remove/change any rules before or during the event.

Event Co-ordinator

Prachi Sharma

Contact no. : 97606 21653 Email id : (For Further details contact) Umar Alam Siddiqui (7417576582)